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How to Find Hot Jobs in Iraq

Author: Alan Nelson
If you're looking for a high paying job and willing to endure the hardships of living in a danger zone, then a search of the many available jobs in Iraq may be for you.

Searching for a job in the Middle East, in particular a war zone is much like finding a job anywhere else. You still need to go through the customary job search process. However, once you find that job there are various nuances that you need to be aware of to ensure maximum income and standard of living while in country.

Here are a few of the numerous methods for finding Jobs in Iraq:

1. Perhaps the easiest way to find jobs in Iraq is through personal contacts. Who do you know; who's already working there, already on the ground and established? You can gain a lot of knowledge and often get the upper hand by leveraging personal contacts.

2. If you are currently working for one of the many companies that provides contracting services, then you already have an inside advantage. Often these positions are listed on internal job boards before advertised to the public.

3. Another option is to contact a recruiter who's specifically looking for people to fulfill jobs in Iraq. Depending on the recruiters' role, you may or may not have to pay a fee for their services. Sometimes the hiring company will pay the recruiters fee.

4. You can also monitor the job search sites. All the big employment sites such as Monster.com and Yahoo Hot Jobs will list jobs in Iraq.

5. With some research, you can identify companies already doing business in Iraq and contact them directly. To do this, you would go to the website for each company and look at the employment page. Here you will often find open jobs not posted elsewhere.

Many very diligent job seekers pursue all of these methods. Yes, it is time consuming, but the potential pay off is well worth it. You can easily double or triple your annual salary if you're willing to deal with the hazards of living in Iraq.

As mentioned before, you need to be aware of the various entitlements and benefits available. These benefits are much different then the standard package provided my most major employers. For instance, if working in certain countries such as Iraq, you are entitled to basic hardship allowances. For US citizens, these allowances are often based on US State Department guidelines. For residents of other countries, the rules vary.

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Good Paying Jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan - Get the Facts

By Derek Drekland

Sure the economy is bad and a lot of people are out of work but the fact remains that there are still plenty of good paying jobs out there. Take jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan for instance, where war and strife have left so much devastation in their wake.

They Have the Money

At last count Iraq had well over eighty billion dollars in their surplus accounts to pay for rebuilding. Bear in mind thats only the money in surplus and doesn't take into account future oil revenues that are due to come in.

Low Tech and High Tech Jobs

After decades of neglect under the regime of Saddam Hussein, many of those years under an oil embargo, Iraq's massive oil infrastructure is in dire shape. This means years and possibly even decades of well paying jobs for pipe fitters, electricians and welders just to name a few.

Private Security Workers

Then of course, there are the jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan that involve private security. Right now there are over 200,000 private security workers in Iraq alone and as rebuilding in Afghanistan steps up so too with the need for private security workers there as well.

Prepare in Advance

The first thing that you need to do if you are serious about landing a well paying job in Iraq and Afghanistan is to get a passport and get your resume in order. Also, it doesn't hurt to learn a little of the native language as well as some of their customs.

Look Online

Then get busy looking online, because that is where you are going to have your best chances at finding one. Also, bear in mind that these types of jobs often require that you commit yourself to an extended contract, so give it plenty of thought before you sign on.

Written by Derek Drekland. I encourage you to visit my website to find more info on high paying overseas jobs plus jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan

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