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Lucrative Jobs in Iraq - Are You Ready?

If you're looking for employment opportunities and considering the Middle East, then rest assured there are plenty of jobs in Iraq. Regardless of your skill set, jobs in numerous industries from semi-skilled to experts of the trade are readily available. Some of the many fields' currently recruiting employees are:

Food service worker - Throughout the country, numerous dining facilities exist on military installations. Help of all types are needed from food preparation to facility management. These facilities are open almost around the clock. Military personnel and civilians alike eat most (if not all) of their meals at these facilities. Many of them are very large and set up in a cafeteria type setting. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of personnel to manage these facilities.

IT Professionals - Information Technology professionals are always needed to maintain and engineer computer networks and systems. This is a field that is in very high demand and can be quite lucrative. These professionals manage the various computer infrastructures throughout the country. It's a plus if you have a US Security Clearance but not always necessary depending on the type of systems that you are supporting.

Mechanics - As you can imagine, there are literally thousands of military and leased vehicles throughout Iraq and they all need to be maintained. The military installations are huge and personnel need to be transported from point to point. These mechanics need to be skilled to maintain all sorts of vehicles from standard cars and trucks to armored personnel carriers.

Construction - You've probably heard in the news of the many construction projects in Iraq. If you have the skills, construction jobs in Iraq are available. Many companies from various nations have been awarded lucrative contracts to support the reconstruction efforts.

Truck drivers - Always in high demand, truck drivers are needed to haul supplies to support the thousands of personnel at numerous installations. The truckers often carry cargo within the safer areas of the country which are patrolled by the military, but are also needed in the more dangerous regions.

Translators - Of course linguists' are always needed. If you are fluent in Arabic and willing to utilize you're highly sought after skills, you can often demand a lot of money. Often these translators go out in the field with the military troops, but at other times they work within the confines of the bases.

Security - Civilian security specialists are utilized throughout the Mideast to assist the military at numerous military installations as well as provide personal protection to high level individuals and dignitaries.

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Iraq Truck Driving Jobs Are Risky But The Pay Is Great!

Nowadays, there is a lot of debate upon the Iraq truck driving jobs. It is a subject of high interest and of much speculation - yet somehow, there are still many US citizens that are looking forward to find jobs like this in Iraq. Without doubt, we are all aware of the risks they involve and the fact that the media covers this subject and then some gives us a large and complex perspective on the matter. But the question is: just how many dangers and risks come along with these Iraq truck driving jobs?

The most significant risk that every truck driver in Iraq is exposed to is represented by the terrorist attacks. And for sure, these should be taken very seriously and one must definitely be aware of these major dangers before applying for the Iraq truck driving jobs. Even worse, the fact is that these attacks can be under various forms, ranging from unexpected bombs on the road to shootings and so on. We have heard many stories about kidnapping and deaths of truck drivers that had Iraq truck driving jobs.

Many of such stories have been brought in the attention of the public as real hero-stories that show just how much individuals are willing to sacrifice in order to get honest work. Even though some might think that the terrorist attacks are the only major negative aspects of the Iraq truck driving jobs, the fact is that there are many more that have nothing to do with violence. Many truck drivers that have returned to the US claim that the conditions can be extremely rough in company truck driving jobs. Just how rough, exactly?

The main disturbing factor is the fact that the drivers are working in unpleasant weather conditions, driving through the dry and hot dessert that sometime hides dangerous scorpions ready to attack. Considering all the above facts, we can only ask ourselves: what exactly determines people to apply for Iraq truck driving jobs? The reasons are numerous and the financial grounds can not be ignored. There are numerous tax facilities in Iraq, in addition to the very high salaries, that can reach even $100,000 per year. Some of the applicants for Iraq truck driving jobs look further than the money aspect and simply want to be close to this territory that stirs so much controversy and that can also be considered quite an adventurous - even though highly risky - place to be in or to work in.

There are other types of work offered to foreigner, besides the Iraq truck driving jobs. However, the truck drivers are the ones that are mostly exposed to a wide range of dangerous and that seem to be victims and targets in many situations. In the past years, the number of truck drivers that have suffered from terrorist attacks has been quite worrying.

The Iraq truck driving jobs remain a subject of much speculation and analysis. Even though to some it might seem surprising, many people are willing to try their luck and their courage by taking such demanding and risk-exposed Iraq truck driving jobs. We can only hope that the next year will not bring out as many victims as 2006 and 2007 have.

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