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Reasons to Stay in Iraq

By Candis Reade

Iraq has always been the hub of the Middle Eastern country politics. The reason to stay in Iraq is quite easy to decipher. Not only it is important strategically from a nuclear point of view but also its stability means a lot to the peace of the world overall.

As we are aware that when Iraq was engaged in a fierce battle with Iran (for about ten years on an average), the President Saddam Hussein had all the funds of the country directed to the development of the defense arsenal. He and his sons not only amassed billions via selling of oil to the world, but also started stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. This was the main reason behind the United States of America declaring war on Iraq. Even after the war was over, there were reports of political instability which was a good enough reason to stay in Iraq till the new regime started functioning well.

Another good reason to stay in Iraq was the weak Saudi Arabia where retraction of troops would have meant some another form of retaliation by the hidden anti social Iraqi elements. Saudi Arabia shall always be a high target on the elimination list of religious fundamentalists. This is because it allowed the US President Bush to set up his base on the soil exposing all the strategic defense locations of Iraq for the missile attacks that weakened and exposed the strong defense of Iraq to the American missile attack during the war.

How Iraq's Booming Oil Trade Affects the Dinar

By Dan Carlson

Iraq is continuing to show how focused they are on their oil trade. Huge amounts of foreign investments are coming into support Iraq's oil trade. By 2011, Iraq is planning to increase its oil exports from 2.6 million barrels per day to 3.6 million barrels per day. The biggest challenge Iraq faces is to quickly build the infrastructure necessary to support the increased productivity. A good problem to have. The great demand for infrastructure and security will increase the number of jobs created. Iraq reported a 15% unemployment rate, but its oil industry is looking to significantly reduce that rate.

Jobs Will End Violence in Iraq and Strengthen the Dinar

By Dan Carlson

Every day it seems like we hear about another suicide bombing or car explosion that kills innocent Iraqi citizens and our own soldiers. It is heartbreaking for their families and is wreaking havoc in Iraq. As our troops drawdown to non combat levels to just under 50,000, a wave of insurgent activities have swept across Iraq. The power vacuum in Iraq doesn't help either. The Iraqi government needs to come to terms in order to take control and restore stability and peace in Iraq. These are the conditions necessary for a prospering country and a strong dinar. What is one way the Iraqi government can step up to help reduce and possibility end the violence in Iraq? Create jobs.

Some may say that the violence in Iraq stems from anti-American perspectives and religious extremists - I do agree that these sentiments exist, but I think the core issue is that Iraqi citizens are struggling economically and are in need of jobs. Iraq was under oppressive rule during the Saddam era and after his fall, Iraq has been at war for the past seven years. During the war, oil production essentially halted and their greatest source of revenue was cut off, as well as the jobs the oil industry provided and the money that trickled down to fund and sustain small businesses. Many Iraqis were left without sources of income and to exacerbate their economic instability, their homeland became a battle ground littered with bombs, gun fire and land mines. Add on top of that, poor infrastructure left many Iraqis with only a couple hours of electricity per day. No job, no safety and no electricity. How does one survive these conditions? What options do Iraqi citizens have to put food on the table? One option is to accept money from terrorist and insurgent groups to commit violent acts.

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